Leaving for good.

Sorry to tell you all that i am leaving the clan and DOD for good. I have more important things to do right now in my life. i have to take care of school frist. Had fun playing( Killing u ALL...jk) later yall :((
We all have a lot of important things to do in real life... but there's no reason to leave for good! Take care of what you need to do and if you feel like it, drop us a line again.
Noooooooooooooooo! Goodbye server stats! We'll miss you Hugo, and don't worry - we'll leave a light on for you because we all know you'll be back :)
Wow later hugo I have enjoyed playing against you. You and hornwell make a team that I always enjoyed going up against and now he is all alone :( If you ever get tired of the real world then come back and see us. I will always keep a rocket saved for you my friend :)
Nobody HAS to leave the clan to take care of real life. You can sit on the MIA roster until you get more time.

Hugo's been with us for a long time and we'll miss him.
:'( so sad, i never got to own him either ( even if i could) but i'll still miss ya buddy