How old is too old?


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I was looking through the recruit page at some of the ages of players, most everyone is around the 18 mark give or take. At 34 I'm starting to think I'm over the hill for online gaming? I quit once when all the hacks started coming out for tfc but I just can't stay away from online shooters. Is there a support group for this? My wife thinks I need help %-6
Oh yeah I almost forgot QUACK
I dont know bout u but im like 12 and a half lol. I dont think that there is a support group but let us try and help u.
LOL, Damduck. A few of us are in our late 40's early 50's so you can tell your wife that you can be part of OUR eGO gaming clan support group :p

I figure most of us will be buried with our keyboard/mouse or (if it gets to that) game implant.

Enjoy the server and have fun!
I'm 26, which is still young, but I feel old around all these teenagers :)

You don't need help, you just need to quench your bodies need for gaming by getting into one of the eGO servers and blasting some peeps.. DoD:S is my support group %-6
You can never be too old for video games. Do you honestly want to be pwned by your grandchildren because of lack of xp? Lets face it, we are a new breed of humans; ones that have been moulded permanently by the digital world. It is a part of Us- we strive for more of it. I say enjoy it as long as possible and share it with as many people as you can. Be it friends, relatives, children, wives, and faceless names.
almost 18 here my dad is 40 and he plays games and I once played with someone who was 55 years old how crazy is that....he was good too
I"m 40....

I started with SimCity, went to Doom 2, loved Heretic and Hexen, got online with Quake 2, then Quake 3 and CounterStrike... found DoD (beta 1.2b) and except for some hiccups, been with DoD ever since.

Yes; I'll be playing for a long time to come, so get used to it. Sure, I don't have the time to put into it like I ussd to, but dont' bet on that convincing me to stop.
53 here..... computer gamer since 1984. Worked in computer field since 1973. Hardware and software guru.

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