Spiderman 3 - "I've read better fanfiction by 8 year olds"

My girlfriend and I are going to see it at 9 so I'll be sure to post up what I think.

I still say it's weird that Eric from that 70's show is Venom. ...wha?!
[quote1178341607=WAKKA WAKKA WAKKA!!!]
It was good.... but should have been cut into at least 2, maybe 3 movies. Far too much in too little time, but still worth seeing.

Totally agreed. Although I sat in the isles because the theater over sold, it was awsome. But it was just too much in too little a time frame. What, Venom was in and out in 10 minutes? Come on!
the action and the money they put in was great but really the plot and character development was horrible. I expected alot more and somebody other than foreman should have been venom. Venom is almost always portrayed as a big guy with anger issues.
Few Facts:
1. Movie mostly based on the comis and animated series...so that's why it sucks
2. Foreman is a perfect Venoma because he is a person who could get webbed, robbed,tied and knocked out...just like Venom before he became venom in the comis and animated series.