C&C had me for the last month...


So my brother bought the new Comand & Conquer game.. And sure enough I have been hooked for like the last month.. But people started to piss me off and beat me alot. So I got mad and took a break. Came back and realized steam is for me. Ofcorse I'll play that when you guys piss me off to much by killin me but. Yeah I need a gun in my hand. !grr

And that is were I disapeared to for the last month...
i know what you mean about C&C. i've been playing the 360 demo alot and it's taken alot of restraint not to go buy it yet. I really want to wait to try the full 360 version comes out before i spend the $$$ on a new game.
well if ya got the new one rockstar i got it and ill play ya over the hamachi network on lan i not that good so if your instreated im on Xfire omegablack76. !amazed take care.
Understandable Rockstar! C & C 3 is amazing and addictive as hell! I can't enjoy online play though....I'm horrible at RTS. I can beat the computer, but not other people online. I'll stick to Dod :) Good to hear you're back!