[poll] Sooo, speaking of crosshears, which ones do you guys use, and what color?

I just started playing dods since I upped to vista and a 19". At some time while I was playing, I decided to change my crosshears because I could never see it. I decided to use the "circle," and I changed my color from red to "green." I also shrunk the size of the reticule to the size of a character's head. The instant I did this, there was drastic improvement. I think that the color change helped me the most; red always had a tendancy to "blend" into the surroundings.
So, how about you guys? What crosshear do you use? The circle, X, cross, or the cross with only 3 points? What color do you use for these crosshears?
yea, I tried that out also and I liked it! However, If you make it large, there's a big dot in the center of the x that I find useful.
I use the on Lex has( the one that looks like a T it's the second one on the crosshair list). This one is suits me fine.
i use small green regular works great for rifles

and the 3 pointed xhair would be called a T xhair im guessing