Last night's Game....


EGO Zealot
ok this is who mostly showed up and there was more but some had to leave:

this is one good pic i had while in game:

After the game we all joined by the tank:
You only get 10 fps JMAN? Thanks for taking the screenshots
[/quote1178368092]zomb...... 10 fps really sucks. Yesterday my fps was droppin' down to 5 every couple seconds. It was pretty ugleh. Love the pic J.
i feel so bad now that i missed it. i fell asleep at 12:30 cause my dad was using the pc and i was in my bed watchin ts and i fell asleep. :(( :((
yea...although I wasn't in the game, I can tell you that 10 fps is very very bad. The ideal solution IMO is to get a video card that will give you more fps than your monitors refresh rate. Then, you can turn on vsynch and cap it at a contant like 60hz, 75hz, 80hz, 85hz etc. I like to do this becuase it eliminates sheering and makes everything pretty.

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