Great Game


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Well it was a good Game but i think the eG's coulda done better including me.....
Anyways tell me what we should do to beat tho's eGO's .
Donner is a harder map than Avalanche because it requires more teamwork. Especially when you only have 12 men teams. I thought everybody on both teams played excellent tonight. Great game!
Avalanche is my strong point. For donner better teamwork might help (couldnt hear the eg team), but for Avalanche there is no hope for eg X D
Everyone played great. There was no winner.

OR..... both teams won! How about that?

Do I hear rematch?
I missed it! :( :(

If only I had gone to sleep sooner I would have been able to get up at 6am and play. But anyway, one day, I might be able to get my lazy bones down early enough :D

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