Any possibility of a new server?

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Hey, I just recently got back into DoD, but before I took a break, I loved to play Anzio on a few really good servers. When I came back, none of the servers were up anymore, and since then I've only played Anzio maybe once or twice. That really sux, because I love Anzio like my own soul, and I really wish eGO could get a new server for it. =[ Any chance of that happening?

I also loved Colmar, but its not that popular, so I dont see much chance of that happening. But Anzio would put me in hog heaven, or, uhh, stg44 heaven. *winkwink*
we would need more donations becuase i think JohnT and Artimus is the only ones who pay for the servers, we don't have enought admins for a third server also. need more Euro guys to play at our night time.... thats just some of the things
yeah just send JohnT 113 dollars a month and that server will be up in no time!

yea, basically
I don't mind pitching in for a new server, but can we all maybe take on a vote of which map if it eventually does happen?
where do you go to donate money cause id do it
i havnt played anzio and other maps in a really long time

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