[poll] Have there been any plans for map rotations?

Hi everybody! I'm sure that this has come across somebody's mind before, but I was wondering if there were any plans to rotate the maps. I think it would be pretty cool to have a total of 4 maps spread across 2 servers. They could be divided up into 12, or 6 hour intervals. However, I don't think that there should be too many maps! IMHO, any number greater than 6 maps would be a nuissance. I like being able to play a Long game without sudden interruptions. Not to mention, adding too many maps might rid ego of that "community" feel that we love so well. I do understand that it costs money to run game servers, which leads me to question: "Does it cost money to have more maps?" This question isn't meant to be sarcastic; I honestly don't know the answer!. I decided to add a poll (I seem to like them alot). Feel free to fill it out.
This has been mentioned before Sanders, probably before you joined us. The problem with rotation is that the server that rotates to an unpopular map dies.
Wow, does that mean that Avalanche and Donner are the only popular maps? I can say that I like them alot, but I didn't know that there was such dislike for the other maps. Does this also mean that there is no way to precisely control which maps are rotated at a certain time?

Thanks for the reply, this is very interesting.
donner stays! umm ava i really dont care :p lol but yeah if its an unpopular map every1 leaves and server dies until another popular map is up
Sanders, you should ask council about this rather than a poll. This server is run by council, not by polls.
I think it should stay at two maps. Donner and Ava are two of my favorites and i don't mind just sticking to those two.

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