When the game...


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is completely lopsided and one side runs over the other round after round can the people from the clan help out with getting the game back to the way it should. I know its fun to be on the side thats completly destroying but sometimes we need help or else the server will die because no one is having any fun.

I totally agree...yesterday was teams 17:11 at a time...I was on the 11 team... And I usually change from team to team when it's uneven to even them.
i will usually go to the side that is getting murdered just cause it makes it more interesting for me (i like competition) !lol
but do agree more members should try to do that more often
I usually move if the sides are drastically uneven, but if its like 2-3 off, its generally not worth it.

One idea I would propose for Avalanche is to have the teams switch sides every round. Its used on the Canteloupe Island server, and it serves to keep things even. That way you can cut the "Axis side is so much better" whining, which has little or no base to it. I like playing the axis side because I like the german weapons, but neither position makes any difference to me.
It really depends on the situation. Like people tend to freak out if there are 2 more people on the opposite team. Its really not that big of a deal, the server tends to balance itself out anyway.

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