Energy Drinks


Whats ur favorite kind of energy drink? Im a fan of the Monster. Got one the other day for the first time in like a year. And was wondering if anyone has ever noticed the Warning label on the Monster drink. It says do not take more than 3 in a day, and not recomended for children, pregnant women, or people sensitive to caffine.
alot of the people in my high school drink energy drinks and even sell them... someone started bringing in a energy drink called "cocain" at it was gone in a week and not allowed anymore, now they drink whats called "Bawls". that cocain stuff got you to almost feel sick, made your throught feel funny and got you way to hyper... had 3 wings on it (like drinking 3 red bulls in one drink) it was crazy %-6
yeah i love monster, i used to be addicted to them i used to drink like 8 or 9 a day, yeah that wasn't very easy to quit lol
I love monsters! However, I think I am vey sensitive to it because it always seems to give me a major buzz. Odly enough, I can drink 3 cups of coffee ( 3 scoops to 10 cups) and not get the same effect......It must be the taurine. Oh yea, I also like Red Bull. Yes, it doesn't taste as good as monster, but I think it does a better job of keeping me awake -even with its small size.
lol jman i laugh ever time i see "Bawls", if you see a commerical it would say " do you have Bawls? i got bawls!" lol
I work for a distribution company that deals in Rockstar and Bawls. Bawls is decent, mostly because it's not so much an energy drink as an energy infused soda. Rockstar on the other hand... I don't understand the appeal. The new pomegranate flavor is okay, as well as the zero carb, but everything else tastes like painful death.
mountain dew 2 or 3 of these and i wont sleep for ten or twelve hours depending if im play video games
not a big fn of energy but ive had amp and monster they're ok