Tips and tricks for the younger generation


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Are you getting mad because duck always knows where you are and keeps killing you? Frustrated by slayer's melee attacks? How about that frag nade that always seems to find your location?

I could tell you where to find and kill most of the regulars on donner. But thats not what this is for. All you have to do is pay attention to the routes a player makes when allied with him and you'll know their game. Most players take a certain route and throw a frag about the same place after every respawn.

1. DO NOT listen to music while playing. In game sound is your biggest friend. Footsteps, grenade clicking, enemy voice commands, and gunfire (know what each weapon sounds like)

2. Use the kill announcement in the top right hand corner to know what weapon each player is using.

3. If you spec me you can see me always scanning my teammates. I do two things, I see who is around me and which route they are taking and I try to aim at there head to get a visual of where my crosshairs need to be.

4. After you know where your teammates are you can use the kill announcment to locate the enemy.

5. When your side has the middle flag always scan the flag conquered menu to see if an enemy is passing by the middle flag. (This gets =(eG)=coldsaw killed alot)

6. Use the team chat and voice chatter to notify your team of anything important.

7. Change up your route from time to time so they don't know where you are. Do not use voice command when trying to advance in hostile enviroments unless you are baiting a trap.

8. I always get killed bringing a nade to a gun fight. Only advice is to be quik at switching weapons (which I am not good at)

9. Experiment with different mouse types and hand placement. I have to use a small mouse and drag my thumb and pinky on the mouse pad.

10.Sometimes you have to throw first nade to shake up a mg to get a good second nade at him.

11. I sometimes time my nade throw to distract enemies. (I want it to explode as I am rushing in)

12. When using an automatic weapon I sometimes will unbind my right click mouse button from secondary fire. Accidentlly right clicking to semi-auto gets me killed alot.

This is getting way too long so I will stop here. Just try some of these tips and you can at least know where an enemy will be. Killing them is the hard part though.
its like steps for pwning at css but minus flags part
but sound is your best weapon for sure which means **communication/communiate**
Music = Death

Especially music that is loud!

I generally listen to really low (about 10% volume).

I can still hear grenades and stuff, and I'm not paying attention to stuff out in the hall of this accursed dorm building!
I listen to music but not too loud that I can't hear what's going on. I just need to drown out the sound of cars and little children screaming outside my house.
yah ive figured most of that out with trial and error and i always use the map and if a teammate died close to you you can just wait for them
I'd have a few more tips to add, but I wont lol. You are right about the music thing though. I abuse my sound, and it helps alot. You listen to music and alot of times you wont even hear a nade land next to you.
Donner really requires these tips since its so small of a map but I learned these tricks already from trial and error like bucsfan.