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Does anyone know of an alternative program that can convert videos and songs so that they can be put on an ipod? Itunes didn't work so well for me
i use Videora iPod converter for my videos and it works great and easy to use. the movie snatch came out great on my ipod. give it a try
what i use to convert my media center videos is ATI AvivoXCode, i got it for free, cant remember where tho, and it has a few different options for whatever file type you want to convert to
i use IRC, its a lot more secure and theres a lot more selection, mostly with the newer movies like spiderman 3, there are a lot of peolpe to choose from.

i saw some videos online of people with linux installed on a nano - they then could play videos, half life 1...yea i said it...HALF LIFE 1 ON A NANO!!!!
guys learn to use torrents....

go download utorrent: here

then go here and get the firefox plugin to search like 100 torrent sites at a time

I doubt u wud use limewire again