how did you spend your 5 de mayo

for those who don't know the 5th of May is the Mexican independence day in most major cities its an excuse to get waisted
Ended up throwing a party with a couple of frat buddies of mine that came down for summer at my cousins house, good times
2 friends got laid and a few hooked up as for me ended passed out in my girlfriends arms

Hope you had fun i u didn't there is always the fourth of July!!!!!!!!


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hahaha yeah i had a few coronas with some friends, good times!


actually, cinco de mayo is the day that the Mexicans defeated the French (i believe using only sticks and rocks) at Puebla. it's commonly misconceived as mexican independence. :x
i learned this in spanish last friday. :p

but yeah... i spent my time taking the SAT (reasoning) and going to somebody's house to work on a project. :|


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lol banana, i played dod, and people in mexico dont really celebrate it that much, not a big deal really


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most of my co workers are mexican... so we got "cervasas" y " mota" y "pistoleros" y "mamacitas" y "carne asada" but then la negra broke it up and i havent seen them since
well thnx for the history lesson omgooses whats messed up is im originally guatemalan and took ap spanish in highschool but i guess i never got that lol :D
I was playing DOD. Oh yea, and I went out to have Mexican food- tacos and whatnot. Didn't drink, nor will I ever (The taste of cat urine isn't compelling)