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I won't be on a lot this week and next eek till Thursday. My upcoming AP World History testis just around the corner and i honestly need to pass this test with a 3 or 4 or 5. So, i won't be sometimes, and on Friday, won't be on till maybe MIdnight PST and Saturday PST. Sunday, i'll be awa at a fiends house fo a study group. So, i hope Every1 wishes me luk and i can get his darn Test over with.

Have Fun shooting yall.

the collegeboard was created int he 1950s to judge students here after as products with worth they determined. Besides the horrid IB tests the AP tests and SAT's have become the critical mass in determining the future of the youths of our generation. There is no fighting the standards they lay down while you are trapped in the system and when you are finally released you don't give a damn anymore. This was what I wrote on last years APUSH test on the essay concerning conformity and expression during the 1950's. I got a 4
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See you on Thursday!

Well, more like friday of next week is when i am for sure going to be on.
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Good luck school comes first

lol of course u would say that JMAN

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