What do YOU think about the end-of-the-year tests. (This goes for all who still go to school)


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What do YOU think about the end-of-the-year tests. (This goes for all who still go to school)

In my opinion, it's good for you in the long run !lol but it wastes my time to play with you guys. !sad

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whats a school?


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personally, i hate em. just cause i have to relearn a lot of stuff ive already been tested over. especially in college when you're learning a years worth of information in one semester


I just finished taking my EE final exams. I studied a lot during the year so I did not have that much studying to do recently.

Good luck to anybody who still has exams to take.


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ugh i hate finals. you work all semester and i guess i just store test info in my short term memory. So when it comes to the finals 30% of my hard earned grade rides on one test...


I don't really like finals for one reason.


Who wants all that added stress along with daily life?

Not this guy, let me tell you.

I always do really good, but for the week before finals, I'm always like OH GOD GONNA FAIL.


It's definitely cutting into my DoD time but I have to admit it's probably good for me. But considering it's the end of my senior year of high school I don't have too many exams to worry about.


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Yea finals are stupid but they also show if you where either paying attention in class or sleeping.

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I dont have to take any because I am exempted from all of them =)


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Finals suck so much. However, language finals are the worst of the bunch. Open book exams can be deceptive, and take-homes are usually entirely too long. Otherwise, finals give me massive headaches, and suck up all my free time until next friday!

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finals take forever and you review for 1-2 weeks in class and at home and find out the tests arent as hard as they say (well atleast at my high school...or anyof the 6 schools ive been to in my lifetime)

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yeh finals are just blah..i think theyre just a waste of time. if someone understands everything during the semester, i dont think they should be tested over it again at the end. its just added stress that none of us need.