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I realized your servers aren't listed in's database
It's a corporate project of, a popular game server provider, their new services have the potential to launch a top tier networking community for gamers.

Hope you add them soon, that way we can add them to our favorites.
i love that program but id rather have my Xfire as my sign

xfire is champion of IM, no doubt about it but what I'm talking about is the tracking service offered for free by a child website of My signature is hosted by gametracker, it does not require a client, it's an alternative to gamer-monitor and serverspy.

24/7 AVA =(eGO)= No Bots!
24/7 Donner =(eGO)= No Bots!

I can add the servers to the database myself, but I thought I'd give you guys the honor 8)

also my xfire account/sig has too many MMORPG's and RTS's it seems ill appropriate for DoD:S

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