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Ok so I had a question i'm sure this has been discussed before but I can't find where. I was on the server today and I had a real big suspicion that someone was hacking I looked at what he was doing and he seemed to know where everyone was and was always getting headshots......There was an admin online but my question is can we type in team for an admin to go look at a player when there are other players in the game that could be listening? I don't know if you guys wouldn't mind just typing it or if there is some other way that you ask an admin to watch a player.

@ then your message to talk to admin only
press y ( or whatever you have as all talk)

@ I think blackhawksniper is a hacking n00b. Can you please watch him?
or you can record a demo your self by doing the following:\
1. go to console type record someonsname
2.you have to be spectating them and then type into consol sb_status
3.when your done type stop
then your done hope this helps

also to view the demo type into console demoui
[quote1178716622=vote for pedro]
if u want to talk to just admins type "y" "@" and then ur messege and that will only show to the admins

i think you mean "u" not "y", u does admin only, y does admin, which everyone sees. if you are not an admin you can not do the "y" thing
aimbot = screen shake's if have aimsmoothe they can aim anywhere and hit head
wallhacks= shooting through wall at your psistion or knowing where everyone is
norecoil= no bullit spread its pretty obviuos