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ive had my own suspicions of a few players while playing online with few or no eG members, but since im used to playing ET (enemy territory), im used to being able to PM the admins about any type of player thats annoying, or might be using any type of hack. there have been a few who have tried to help me out (UK Rev., Kaos, bigdaddy, genocider and a few others), but i still havent been able to figure out how it works. so far, they tell me to put @ <name> <message>

but when i do, i get an error that says "@ Uknown Command"

i dunno if im just..dumb..which is very possible, or im doing it wrong, or am unable to do it period. thanks in advance 8)
YAY! im not the only one who doesnt understand!....thats not really a good thing, is it? :( .....

im really sorry, i didnt notice this before, but this was just covered in another post entitled "Hackers"

that clears it up a little more for me, as i typed @ in the console. sorry for wasting space B) :((

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