Chair for gaming?


I have a buddy who has this one and its actually much more comfortable than the DXRacer i have. Plus a quarter of the price.
DxRacer 7.5/10
Off brand Clone 8.5/10

Hope this helps :D

YES!!!- that does if there is some sort of personal knowledge involved and someone has sat their butt in it and said it is an 8.5/10!! And the price is a bonus as well, this is top of the list right now., thanks


Anytime! Best of luck in your endeavor to find the ultimate chair.


So in the latest update to this. I ordered the chair DaddyDubbs mentioned and it is a great chair, buuut I kept falling asleep in it. No not really, my daughters chair broke so she has it now and I got this one. HYKEN Red Both are really great chairs


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It doesn't sound so important, but I'll tell you something and you'll understand. I've been a player for a few years now, and I stream on twitch and youtube. From the very beginning, I used a simple chair, and if I sat sometimes and ten hours a day at the computer, I began to have back problems. I went to the doctor, and when I told him that I had been standing in front of the computer for a very long time, he suddenly told me that the problem could be caused by the seat I was sitting on, that it wasn't orthopedic. So I found a very good platform / where you can find different ones, including a gaming chair, so I bought a very nice chair and now I don't have any more back problems.
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I honestly think a gaming chair is unnecessary. You might as well just buy a cheap office chair which has the exact same comfort. If you want the looks to be good. I'd recommend buying from since there are a lot of cheap chairs there! šŸ˜‰


Do you are have stupid?
I want a chair for gaming for about $ 500, can anyone recommend me?
Huge necro, but just go with a basic one. 500$ for a chair is a bit extreme.