[poll] Another poll lol


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haha well I was bored at this time so I figured I would go eat some frosted flakes then I said ah what the he!! might as well ask what cereal everyone likes lol.....I know I make these wierd polls but hey there kinda fun !lol

Ill try to add most of the selections

If I forgot any good ones please feel free to yell at me I will just bow my head in shame becuase I know I forgot some good ones
dang thats like the best poll ever. it was a tough decision too, but i had to go with cap'n crunch in the end
dam...i love froot loops...
IM FROOT LOOP ADDICTED.....im serious when i was 5
i ate some froot loops, and they gave me a BIG buzz, later i found out that batch was screwed up...so now im addicted lol
i had to go with cocopuffs, they're chocolaty and delicious, but you did forget cinnamon toast crunch, and golden grahams. had those been in there, i would have said golden grahams.

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