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Nades are alot of fun. -_-

I wanna hear about your best nades. NOW. Need moar.

Probably my best nade in recent memory was one fine day on avalanche. I was coming out of 2nd axis, and started to charge a nade. Some fine soul started pecking at me from the church window with an m1. I chuck the nade over the tree and it sails straight into the church window and explodes immediately. I'm liek zomb!

I also love the beautiful tosses where I drop a nade into Allied 2nd window from the axis arch/bridge thingie.

I have some well tested EP's where I can drop a rifle nade from around Axis church entry arch thingie right into the v-crack overlooking axis 2nd. That one is extremely useful, and I'd be willing to teach it to anyone who would want to know.
Also for the kind individuals that make a point of chilling out at the top of the stairs in that same room, I can drop one right on them too, which has been of use too.

Another useful rifle nade EP is one I got from Allied side, which drops a nade right behind the sandbags under the axis church entry bridge from 2nd allied.

I really havent tested many nade EP's on Donner. I love shooting rifle nades into allied sniper windows, but other than that, its just situational stuff. I used to know some sweet ones on Anzio and Colmar (drop a nade into german halftrack area from allied AA gun? o.o;), Ihavent played them in awhile though, so i've forgotten much of them.

Nade nubbing is a key to my playing style, and it'll improve your scores and your game if you learn to use them well. Snipers love nades. -_- MG's always love my nades. The airburst above 2nd allied in avalanche is a personal favorite for anti-mg warz.
my favorite nades are airburst nades. id have to say my favorite nade in recent memory was on allies side on ava... my american boy has quite an arm, i managed to chuck a nade all the way up top the church from the ground and did the airburst which took out an mg and sniper.
airbursts are my fav
i just like the ones where u chuck em not expecting to kill any one and to your surprise you get one, two and maybe even three kills with that one nade
I like the rifle grenades that kill people before they explode.

It's like getting hit in the face with a big metal slug.

Hilarity ensues! People are like "wtf! notso hax!" even though they only had 1 hp.
^^Lol I just did that a few days ago. It was a headshot, no less. I had just loaded a rifle nade into my m1, and some dude starts shooting at me with an stg44 from long distance, so I shoot it at him in desparation and it kills him with a hs. I was liek zomb! It did 5 damage. o.o;
I got 4 guys with one on Donner not to long ago. Easily my best was on Donner I was in a battle with a guy in tank house, he killed me but I realized he had 2hp left. I switched to assault and sprinted back to tank house with a smoke grenade in my hand and i hit him in the chest as I can around the corner, he just dropped. It shows up as a kill (my name - suicide symbol - his name), best feeling ever and its on psychostats.
Yeah, I love the nades that pop on a bunch of players all trying to be sly. :D

Killed 4 yesterday or the day before (can't remember) on Ava right at the turn towards the Allies 2nd. So sweet.
how about when you're trying to take the tank and a nade lands at your feet so you pick it up and it counts as a suicide instead of killing everyone. and in the end you end up taking the tank, so everyone wins...almost
lol my best nade was about a wekk ago on ava...
i had managed to infiltrate the apts of allied side (i was nazi) and they were pwning us...then i dropped a nade onto allied first and BAM 4 kills and a headshot (airburst)
i think my best nade was on donner, where theres usually always a bunch of axis guys sneaking around the right field. i threw a grenade over the burning building and then chucked another one immediately afterwards. the airburst from the first one took out 2 or 3 guys, and then a few seconds later, my second grenade took out 2 more guys in the far corner where they like to snipe from.
Ive never had a good nade in DOD:Source but in the origional DOD I had one were i took out 7 people.

It was on AVA, i was allies and as soon as i got to the mid i threw one where the axis were rushing from and took out 7 of them !amazed
In DoD beta, I used to nade spam the axis spawn on Caen. I snuck up to their spawn and threw two nades over the barrier. Five seconds later, I got 8 kills!
MY fav was when I killed 4 axis on axis 2nd by nading them in their "balcony" there, they were knifing each other and didn't notice :)
lol i love it when theyre knifing eachother and you pop out and they scramble for their guns but cant make it in time.. i notice clan members always just run at you with the knife XD
mine was when i threw and grenade, hit a guy and he died, i just laughed, and when one grenade blew up in mid air right over a guy and he flew back
Yeah, Caen was nade spam central. You always saw massive amounts of grenade kills on that map for some reason.

Maybe the grenades were more potent back then...?

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