I have DSL now but I've thought about switching to FIOS. Is it significantly different than DSL? You can get DSL with high amounts of bandwith too. Any difference?
suppose to be 2 megs up but i am only getting 1.7 up.

The best i could do before was .768 megs up but I never got more than .5 up. That was on Charter Cable. I also had to pay extra to get the 5 MB down for Charter and was capped out at 5.
cool FIOS im still waiting for regular broadband from charter....
This wierd to ask but can does someone wanna try complaining to them ive tried and nothings happened...56k is da bomb for 1985
Yay amazing internet speeds!


My home connection runs at ~15mbps down / 2 mbps up. (Cox premier plan). They have been changing the speeds a lot in San Diego to compete.
why do you need such high speeds, i use basic DSL and i ussually get great ping (20-45). and on the internet pages load up as quick as any other internet ive ever seen. just doesnt seem worth it to pay for really high speeds unless your gonna split the bandwidth between several computers.
I have Fios... 15 down and 2 up... and don't really need any more for speed. When a new map comes up I'm always one of the top three or four to connect first, so while more down would be nice for downloading and more up for bragging, there's no real need for either and certainly not worth paying a premium for, in my opinion... now, if only I could upgrade my computer....
The nice thing is I am not paying premium prices. I am saving 10 bucks a month over Charter whcih was 5 down and .7 up.

And it "allegedly" doesn't slow down at peak times like my cable would. That remains to be seen. I am afraid that the backbone will still be as busy. But at least I am not sharing a line with my neighborhood.

And they were putting FIOS in 2 months ago. It just came on line.
Hmmm, does it make that much of a difference? Game wise, or just overall performance? Worth the money? I would like to see some reviews basically of people who have it, without using some search engine

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