heheheh this kid at school (Cody) is so stupid. we were doing math yesterday and he said this equation was 364.

X divide by 8 = 44 +12 you add 44 and 12 and then multiply by 8. you get 448

i won the bet....and now hes my slave for TWO WEEKS and he also owes me 5 buck...(on his tab it'll be 1125 from all the bets)
heheh suck to be him
bah! you won a bet at school...how stupid...i thought you won the lottery...if you did...THEN i would leave a comment on this thread....wait....arent i just ...

haha dont make him your butt slave hahaha, but you better hope no cops are on this website cuz slavery is illegal
yah well i won $600 off the super bowl and $800 off the NCAA championship football game all from the same kid its so awesome and he just paid me yesterday all at the same time
WOOOYAHH i got back from school...heheh
cody: may i go to the bathroom
me: no shut up slave and finish this math problem.
cody: but i dont want to
me: TOUGH do it or ill add another day on.

heheh this is gooood
in dod...yes in schoo....no on math...yes in game shooting..no WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD THINK SHOOTING PEOPLE AND BLOWING THEM YUP WITH ROCKETS IS MATURE.......lol so i guess all games are immature then.....screw that..pshht.."mature" LOL
I thought we were all about Maturity here?

Guess not...
[/quote1178897708]Welcome to the intarwebs. The heck is maturity?

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