spiderman 3


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so i went to see this movie last week, i think it was pretty good and probably the best of all the spiderman movies. any one else go see this? thought on it?
i saw it it was good but for some reason the critics in my area only gave it 2 stars i was like what. I guess they don't know what a good movie is lol
yeah alot of movie critics are giving it bad reviews cuz they think its story is to jumbled and gets off topic, but i still think it was good.
It was a terrible movie. Good special effects can't make up for the lack of good dialoge and very rushed plot. It's like they tried to cram 3 movies into one... ad Venom only got about 2 minutes of screen time. :(
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... ad Venom only got about 2 minutes of screen time. :(

i wish they would have shown more of Venom. it was an extremely cheesy movie but the action was good. there were some parts that just didnt need to be in the movie tho. all in all it was a good laugh and some good action but i wouldnt see it again
dang mixed reviews! i'm still gonna see it, and who really pays that much attention to the dialoge?
i love how i get to see all these movies for free and before they're released. working at a movie theater is by far the best part time job to have. pirates 3 is gonna be amazing
You got to remember that it's based on the comics and animated series...so that is a reason for bad dialogue and story at parts.
yeah thats true heat, thats why i didnt say it was bad. sure if could have been better, but it is based off a comic thats older than i am.