spidrman 4?


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i was looking at IMBD.com today and thought i wold search for spiderman 4. it is scheduled to come out in 2009 and is still in preproduction. there are some rumors that the villain is going to be carnage but in order for that to happen, Venom has to come back. who do u think is going to be the next villain for spidey to face?
My school friends dad makes posters for the company who produces spider man.. Guess what? They paid him to make up to spiderman 6.
im starting to get tired of all the trilogies and long movie series. it was cool with star wars, then the matrix cause it was a continuation of the story, but fantastic four? shrek? spiderman? each movie could be on its own and it just gets old. make a couple movies and then wait fifty years then do a remake. thats it.
sorry to ruin for ya bonham, but i thought that it was a given that spiderman defeats the forces of evil in this one...or does he...

but omega, i think that the rhino was spiderman. pretty sure on that one.
I hope there is no spiderman 4 the last one was really bad and these movie series get longer they tend to do really bad..
there is no point in making a 4th one b/c its like scary movie. the 3rd scary movie was the funniest but the 4th was eh. so theyll just lose millions of dollars in continualy making new spidermans. i think though that the next villian will be canage and electro b/c they have multiple villians in their movies now.
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dude, scary movie 3 was horrible, it was the worst of the four. the order is 1, 2, 4, then 3.

Propably Venom has a big role in S4, because he only got couple of mins on S3, so he should get more in S4.
he should have venom come back and have shocker!!!!! first venom will come back and take over harrys dead body (sorry if i ruin the movie) then he will try to kill parker but, peter will influince harry not to. Venom will get destoryed and harry will be back to life. and shocker is sweet so hes in there too :p .