spidrman 4?

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Toxin is a good guy in heart...
Yeah, well at least in the movies, most of the villians are.

I wouldn't mind seeing SpiderMan 4 but if they have venom again they better not screw him up. He annoyed the heck out of me in 3 :mad:
the spidermen movies are starting to get worse
they are pushing the plot too much and there was too many villians in Spiderman 3... worth 10 bucks though
true, but did you hear how much it cost to make spiderman 3? It was something like 500 million dollars. THATS HALF A BILLION!! that is so ridiculous they may not make another one.
I still havent seen spiderman 3, i dont like to go to crowed movies with my girl so we see those movies like 1 day before they release at blockbuster lol
idk...im thinkin mysterio tho...or dr. connors as that giant lizard

i agree bro thats what i was thinking when i read the topic well carnage will be awesome or something includes chameleon would be cool too you know The Shield and stuff like that

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