way nervous

way nervous guys.. sorry for the "way"

i got a huge interview with daimlerchrysler (car company) for a union job and its tomorrow! if i win, i score a job with all benefits that starts around 33-36k a year! i dont have a college education and nothing worth mentioning for job experience

any tips?? :((
dont sweat!!! uhh dont studder........wear nice clothes.......hmmmmmm dont yell......and take a shower!
lol ill try not to yell
i suggested to my brother that i wear my torn up jeans and my sublime shirt and tell em to make it quick cuz i got a cab waitin outside
Be yourself, be professional. Don't get sucked into a conversation where they try to treat you like a "good ole boy", because it is a common tactic.

That way they get your guard down and it almost feels like a conversation in a bar and they can extract all sorts of info from you.

Always remember this is for a job, not a beer with the guys.
Answer only what you are asked and don't volunteer any more information. Some ppl start to talk and it is like a waterfall, they say things they don't realize.

Oh yeah, there is one common tactic that ALL interviewers use (me included), and that is the creative use of silence.

There will be a time there is a silence in the conversation. You've answered their question or they don't have any more and are waiting for the interviewee to hang themselves. Let the silence go on and let them be the ones to break it. Don't be tempted to break it yourself.

If you skip thru anything on my post, don't skip this:

Most interviewers know within 3 to 5 minutes if they are going to hire a person.They wouldn't have called you for an interview if they weren't interested. After that 5 minutes, they are just waiting for you to say something that will change their mind.

If you have the qualifications, dress well (no jeans. wear dress pants, shirt and tie minimum), have a good attitude, don't say anything stupid, you'll probably land the job.

I conduct interviews myself and know how things work.

...and if you do land it, let us know. We'll celebrate with a 31 gun salute....

...aiming at you, of course ;)

thanks for the pointers redshift! no worries i didnt skip through anything you said ^.^
im getting alot of different stuff from my family members.. my sister even suggested i tell them ive been taking care of my grandmother who recent died of a brain tumor! the fact is im just a straight shooter. i follow the rules and i dont lie... its why i have a clean driving record and legal record.
i have some talents though, i have a talent for making myself sound very professional (i hope this grows into BEING professional) by using words i wouldnt bother saying to my pals when we're watching "the game" or looking at the girls on mainstreet lol

see my problem is this: the interview wont be at daimlerchrysler. i dont know where it is. they are to call me at 8 AM and tell me where it is. X.X partially why im nervous is because i dont really know delaware that well and i can just see myself getting lost and going to philly or something stupid. i always shoot myself in the foot that way

well while im typing my butt off, my outfit was going to be black dress shoes, black khakis, a dark blue sport coat with matching shirt but i dont have a tie x.x
Most interviewers have decided if they will hire you before you enter the office, just based on how you carry yourself and how you are dressed. Show up 5 minutes early, look confident, walk with square shoulders, that sort of thing.
redshift you forgot one thing............... USE THE FORCE!

It only works on the movies.... and the interview would get PO-ed if you started waving a Light Saber around.
redshift you forgot one thing............... USE THE FORCE!

It only works on the movies.... and the interview would get PO-ed if you started waving a Light Saber around.

*Jedi mind trick*
You WILL hire me....

Redshift's right, first impressions are huge. Hell, 3-5 minutes is a long time.... I've had some where I knew I wasn't going to hire the person in the first 1 to 2. Just be yourself and you'll be fine.
It only works on the movies.... and the interview would get PO-ed if you started waving a Light Saber around.

ROFL!!! good call redshift. good luck tomorrow. hope you get the job.
make sure you brush your teeth too.....with some aqua fresh, no one likes bad breath, especially interviewers.
lol Just connect, make eye contact.

BE INTerested in cars ! Love them cherish them, Worship them.

CAr is your Life !

Also dont sweat it, take a breath and dont view your interviewer as your supiorior.... talk to him and be honest. BEcuase he isn't your boss yet. Jsut make sure you dont get out of hand :p

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