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hey i was just wondering what kind of music everyone here likes and what their favorite bands are. my favorite type of mmusic is heavy metal i kno alot dont nko those bands b/c its sorta underground but my favorites are trivium, lamb of god, devildriver, avenged sevenfold, and theres a bunch more. i like newer rock to like three days grace, staind, and breaking benjamin and im going to a concert with all of them in it in october im so excited but the best band ever to step foot on earth is METALLICAAAAAAAAAAA post who u like u guys.
I joined this clan because I thought I thougth I was mature enough to handle it. I was wrong. Sorry Brit and everyone for acting like a 5 year old and throwing a tantrum. I know I have been banned from the forums and website...I deserve it.

See Yall later
Children of Bodom, Dragonforce, Iron Maidan, Sonata Arctica, Rhapsody, Blind Guarding, In Flames, Arch Enemy, Slayer, Soilwork, Judas Priest.... basically all metal. i mean u cant go wrong listening to metal can you?...and metallica?...ewww:p
metallica rules dude and ur right metal rox, i love children of bodom in flames and arch enemy their mad sick i like what ive heard of soilwork. i listen to metal allll the time. im disappointed in metallica latly but their old stuff was mad sick.
Im a newly recruted fan of Dragonforce! Ill listen to everything, cept country, and im not that big on rap. But evrything has its ups/and downs. Mostly depends on my mood.
eww lamb of god:p , but if you like power metal Dragonforce is a good band, but my favorite is Children of Bodom... Alexi Laiho is a god...
ya i loveee children of bodom but i just like lamb of god alot right now for some reason i used to not like them at all. i like any type of rock really i like alternative heavy metal mainly tho a sick band is black label society tho zakk wylde is sick nasty at guitar.
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