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My keyboard is the worst in the world(not literally). Sometimes it goes on Caps out of nowhere and then after a long time pressing caps it finally returns to normal. Any ideas on fixing it cause I know you guys are annoyed at my caps when i type messages. :(
get a new keyboard and be nice to it ... im guessing because (well i use too and still sometimes do) we pound and bang on it and/or occasionlly throwing across the room, and then end up breaking it because we're angry and impatient when playing DoDs
but get a new keyboard or dl drivers for it
exactly what rogue said, i often get angry at myself and pound on my keyboard. i suggest getting a logitech G15, im not sure, but they are supposed to be the best gaming keyboards out currently. but best buy has Dynex stuff for very cheap if thats what you're looking for.
lol that happens w/ my space bar from time to just get stuck...poor guy has been through a lot. one of these days i'm going to get that G15