An Interview With Tech Sgt. Starbuck

Todd Trent here from DOD Hall of Fame Monthly Magazine with excerpts from an interview that I did in March with the immortal Tech Sgt. Starbuck:

Todd: Tech, may I call you "Tech"?
TSS: Sure

Todd: You were the first person inducted into the DOD Hall of Fame. Has that changed you?
TSS: Not really, Todd. I try to stay humble.

Todd: Nobody has even come close to your scores during those peak years of 2002-2005 yet your score in DOD Ssource is unremarkable. How do you explain that?
TSS: Well, I've had my day in the sun and am trying to bolster these young fellas' ego by letting them shoot me.

Todd: Tech, you're a big hearted guy! How do you manage this?
TSS: I stand still for the snipers and don't use my best moves on the runners and gunners.I even let Kaos Duse shovel me.

Todd: Who are the hardest guys to fake it for?
TSS: Well, I hate to name names but I let Lt. Wolf shoot me in the back even when I can hear him clomping around behind me. BigDaddy is a REAL challenge. Sometimes I actually have to jump in front of his bullets for him to get me!

Todd: How about Artimus and John T?
TSS: Both guys have real talent. Like me, they dumb it down for the yokels.

Todd: And Slay357?
TSS: He has a great talent for punching which I could easily avoid but I let him get me a couple of times just to make him feel good and then I pretend to be upset.

Todd: Some guy named "Splat" asked me about you. Any talent there?
TSS: I'm sorry to say, none. Zero. Zilch. Nada. He's got good spirit though.

Todd: I know that you have to go pose for your portrait for the DOD Hall of Fame but I've been dying to ask you: What makes you the legend that you are? Millions of adoring fans want to know.
TSS: Oh, I'd say...catlike reflexes, superior strategy, a healthy lifestyle, a sense of the counter moves that my opponent will use and maybe the most important thing...the ability to stay humble.

There you have it folks, the AMAZING Tech Sgt. Starbuck in his own words. Read the entire interview in DOD Hall of Fame Monthly when it goes on sale June 1st at most major magazine outlets. Subscribers will get the free poster of Tech Sgt. Starbuck standing atop the tank in Donner holding his famous Glory Garand.

Todd Trent
I couldn't stop laughing !lol

I am having coffee and breakfast waiting on my car to be washed and everyone is looking at me laughing !dodge
did someone actually interview you or did you interview yourself? i really dont get it but it was pretty funny.

This is why they didn't interview you Outbreak! :p
todd must be mistaken, tech. couldnt possibly the firstin the DoD hall of fame. i was :)