Day of Defeat ZOMBIE MOD!!


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Is theres any Day of Defeat Zombie Mod? I am tired of shooting Zombies with M4s and AKs...I wanna try shooting them with K98, M1 Garand, .... MG42!! Is it possible for someone to write a mod for DOD:S ZOMBIE MOD?
yeah its pretty easy, theres a way that you can do it
im pretty sure i could do it but im not sure that itd work
its almost like turning hl2dm into coop and putting in monsters
no more room in hell looks good
yeah i could do it and used to know how buti have to find a tutorial in my old HDD about doing that...i hav alot of stuff i have to do mostly cause finals in 3 weeks and other stuff... so if i find it ill make a few basic map(s) and share'em but itll be a while so if its on your high priority might wanna get some1 else to do it
meh my idea was better

complete DoD:S/HL2 conversion
making all combine soldiers into nazis and resistance fighters into allies, use appropriate weaponry

also a teamplay mod with it like sven co-op back in the day

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