Any Kiteflyers, snowkites, kiteboarders, or kitesurfers?


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I happen to be a kiteflyer. I have a 2.5 flexifiol with 100m lines with handles that i like to fly just to fool around with. I want to start kitesurfing and snowkiteing bad so can anyone help out a 170 lb guy about 5'11 that isnt afraid to go big? (well i dont want to die) i was thinking of a best waroo 15m kite.

The place id would kitesurf is a lake. The lake has about a 5-20 knot wind and boats fly around all the time (yay!!! waves!!!) so anyone that knows a little about it can ya help a fellow kiter out?
Yes i have, i actully can do that. I just need to get the equiptment.

Well i can do thouse backflips and such but that gap over a island... I'll leave that to that one guy.
Wow i would kill for a kite so i can go kiteboarding. Gas prices are going to be so high for my boat that i may have to rely on wind to do any kind of wakeboarding. Plus you get huge air. Tell me if you actually find something.

If I were you i would check out eBay
Yea i will get pics... And i dont need a kite i need someone to find out what a kind of kite i would need.

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