favorite stuff

F. book/comic= Marvel Zombies
game=timesplitters 3 (you get to be a zombie monkey FTW)
show=invader zim
movie=The Fifth Element/Shaun of the Dead

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F. book/comic= automotive manuals
game=hl2+mods/ut99+mods/AoE series
show=anything on history/military/science channel and adultswim
movie=the matrix
drink=beer lol
F. book/comic= paintball mags
game=DoD, CSS, Guild Wars
show=Family guy
movie=Suan of the Dead, Tenacious D
drink=water :(
F. book/comic= Shadow Prince
game= DoD:S, FF-series,etc.
show= Lost, Prison Break, 4400
movie= Matrix- series, LOTR-series, Star Wars series
drink= Pepsi
game=old school( chrono trigger) , ff serie , DoD
show= anime " claymore" ,"naruto",Ninja scroll"
movie=saving private ryan , alice in wonderland , reincarnation , gravedancers.
drink=Aquardiente colombiano , vodka , rum , whiskey!!! and coca cola!
Book- American Gods
Comic- SQUEE! [Followed up by Kokaku Kidoutai (The ghost in the Shell)
Movie - Pink Floyd The Wall [Followed up by The Naked Lunch]
Artist - H.R. Giger [Comic artist - Ben Templesmith]
Musician - Pink Floyd [Followed by The Pillows]
Drink - Coffee. Lots of Coffee [Followed by Calpis]
Game - Silent Hill.
F.book tom clancey's splinter cell series
movie- old school
musiscian- no clue
drink- icy cold coca cola
F. Book/comic: Kenshin, Ender's Game
Game: (modified) WoW, DoD:S, FFX/FFVIII, E.T., ETQW...Timesplitters 1 & 3
Show: South park >:D
Movie: Band of Brothers, DaVinci Code, Fight Club, LotR trilogy
Drink: Irish Car Bomb...eventually will be..