Okay e's here is your chance


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Okay guys we have almost decided on when the next scrim will be, prob mon with the winner taking on eGO on tuesday. Rough time for now is 9pm eastern but DONT hold me to that yet. ;) This is just a heads up and there will be an announcement on the server news page prob tommorow sometime. We need full participation from the e's and lets see if you can knock the eG's off of there little high horse. :D We are glad to include all of you recruits in all of the fun and we want team players to be a part of our family, so tell everyone to suit up and start practicing! 8)
Update, it will be at 9pm eastern on monday may 14th and the eGO's will take on the winner tuesday night at 9pm stay tuned to the server frontpage for all the info, it should be up soon.
remember, a bullet is a bullet and a grenade blowing by your face has no prejudice. skill can be matched with the willingness to blow yourself up over and over again ;-)
also we will need some skilled logistics, i think thats the eG's biggest advantage over e's

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