To all the E ranks who will be participating in Monday's scrim


Hey guys. I'm guessing we will be playing avalanche for the scrim against the eG's monday. I in no way shape or form claim to be an avalanche pro. It's honestly not my favorite map, and I have some trouble doing well there.

I do know one thing for sure though. Cause I see it everytime. Make no mistake, games CANNOT be won by getting a good spot and sticking to it if the other team controls mid. As soon as we dig in to our first two flags it's only a matter of time till we get overun.

I know we can win if we are all willing to forfeit personal score and start putting our bodies on the line for the team.

Mg's be brave, we need you on the front line. Snipers, be courageous, crawl past enemy lines to take out those nasty mgs. and to all the assaults, jumping out of windows to save a middle cap is about the sweetest thing ever. Work with the group you spawned with to git-r-dun. =)

Good luck, and let's kick some eG bum!
we should use some macros too. instead of typing out everything. by the time you type "3 in church" those 3 have capped second and killed your mg guarding mid :p
Chaplain good advice comander but idk
the eg's have had game plans for years and really come together
they r all great players and well...
the e's have less expierience
but with you on the front line shouting orders to your men
we may have a chance
[quote1179182544=Corporal Punishment]
Does anyone know what the scrim time would be in the UK? I have no idea

2:00 in the morning

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