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I know some of you guys play guitar etc but i was jsut wondering mow much any of you guys are into your effect pedals and do any of you have nice pedal board setups? Any what pedals are ya all using?
get a fuzz tone pedal i hve that and a distortion for my bass guitar but the guitarist in my band uses fuzz tone alot its pretty sweet.
ive got one pedal but it has 99 effects and you can mix and match them to make your own effects its pretty sweet i cant remember the name, but when i find it ill let u know i think its called like digimaster or something, its made by toneworks, and it cost about $150 when i bought it like 5 years ago
sgtmacaroni - i would love to see you make an over drive sound with just skill lol

And i wud reccomend the GT8 it is very good, i myself dotn use one becasue im a pedal head think i have arround 15, may post pictures later
lol, even the pros use pedals macaroni :p

im not exactly a pro (like john petrucci per say) but it can save you alot of crap, dealing with recording software and crappy guitar knobs if you get a good pedal. i have a metal master and it works pretty darn well.
its also a great way to boost a signal

also, did you know you can hook it right up to your microphone slot and record using the recording software? pedals work with ease too. i dont even have an amp! i just use my surround sound speakers as my amp :p
I've had a few, but tend to like Colorsound Wah, Boss DS-1, Korg Toneworks Ampworks, Digitech 300 and Zoom 607. Between them I can get anything I need.
Yea getting pedals i would say isnt a total must but man its a huge help and yea they can be darn expensive (i just counted and i have well over £700/$1400 worth wtf lol) the minute i have:
Boss DS-2 distortion
Boss SD-1 overdrive modded
Boss CS-3 compressor modded
Boss TU-2 Tunner
Boss BF-2 Flanger (1984 original)
Electro Harmonix Small Clone Chorus
Electro Harmonix Big Muff Fuzz/Distortion
MXR Zakk Wylde Overdrive
Boss DD-20 Twin Pedal Delay
Cry baby wah wah

Thinking about getting rid of the DS-2 and replacing it with a modded DS1 and im gonna add a Guyatone Tremlo and Small Stone Phaser. Oh and possibly a noise gate and envelope filter

Well at least i suppose im not spending my money on beer....
I like my Digitech 2101's. My roland VG-8 has some fun features also, but midi can be a pain if not dailed in right.
i have a crybaby wah-wah kicks royal butt!

thats pretty much what you need for average music(no offense just proving your idea) so it works too mine was like the extreme point that you can go you can create Pod Racer sounds or 1970's alien movie sounds.... Lol its totally pointless

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