e vs eG scrim eGs won

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Rogue Sniper

EGO Is My Life!
Yes thats right eG's mopped us e's up with out trouble !grr now its eGO's turn to average our loss lol !lol

good game to all that were there and had fun cant wait to do it again 8)

maybe next time on ava... who knows... ?!
yeah like i rarely(really rare) play on donner and today i played like 1 hour before the scrim but hopefully ava sometime
actually i was defending second flag when e's were axis and all with an mg so that was dead secure but i guess ramboing is what the other e's like to do best....
All I have to say is:

well, i hope to eventually join a scrim soon. Maybe we should host one on Memorial Day, when there is no school or work maybe?
yeah good idea thats on monday the 28th, if anyone didnt know.

so yeah nice work eG's.
Yeah, for you guys, not for us Europeans. Scrim times are worse already.
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