a few pics from the E vs EG scrim


block mid block mid! oh my the drama!


some friendly axis shoveling before the match.. erm slaughter.


round 2 final


round 1 final

good times!! enjoyed it veryy much XD
well that was the most chaotic 1 hour ive ever had in DoD:S thats for sure
i always try to tactically take down ppl with support but it was just too intense whole lotta nades and rushing


lol ya, you just had to keep trying to find a hole that you could rush through and hope you didn't get hit by a random nade or sniper :O
Thanks a lot for putting up those pics of the scrim, good work there. Thanks also to the eGO's that helped make it all work.

The e's came to fear my 24/1 Allies Sniper spree at the beginning of the second round...hopefully now my fellow eG's won't have a problem throwing me the Sniper a touch more often...Thanks for a great scrim guys, it was my first and I had a great time :D
sounds like fun guys, great try =(e)= and well done eG members. Unfortuneately I couldn't make it because 9pm eastern time turns out to be 5am in Britain. I would have stayed up but I had to get up the next day. :(


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Where was all the eG's at i see one e on the eG's side