New Linkin Park CD


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Hey it gets released tomorrow, so go get it.

I of course, got it today and am currently rocking out to it now. I can honestly say its amazing and you should buy it...
Well, I still like Linkin Park. Its nice to know that there are still some rock bands that can actually sing in tune and have a good vibratto. (Yeah, I Know! There are more bands other than LP that do this)


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yea im not a big fan of LP either but whatever floats your boat i guess lol but its cool that you're passionate about your music cuz music is my life

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idk if i like something i'll go and buy the original album but i gotta limewire first(thats how the turkish federal laws work you can download illegal music but after 24 hours if they find it in your pc they can sue you or any copies of it)


i d/l'ed it last month at first it was alright. after listening to it more, ive decided i like it


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i find them way too repetitive. Like they have one verse and then a chorus repeated 3 times with some kind of cheesey change to the chorus after the second repeat