Secrets of Edge Gaming

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As always Tech keeps you informed:

Secret members: Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp (on one month suspension for being a jerk), Angelina Jolie (trying to seduce Tech), Tom Cruise and Keifer Southerland (both personal friends of Tech's who got them in),

eGO was formed in 1757 during a darts game between Ben Franklin and John T's great, great Grandfather who inadvertently put a dart into Mr. Franklin's left testicle while drunk.

Artimus has 6 toes....on his left hand.

Rashell has provided the voice of Tweetie Pie for 15 years with no digital help. That IS her voice.

eGO has 2 DOD Hall of Famers. Tech Sgt. Starbuck and Sad Sack ("player who spends least amount of time on his feet" awards category)

John T. and Artimus met when both were arrested on the same night performing indecent acts with ducks.

As I learn more of eGO's dirty little secrets you can bet old Tech will bring them to you,

Noxus, I take offense to that comment about me being an odd duck (not really)! When I get my bill on you........

......I will pick up a Thompson and light you up. :D
Wasn't aware of ducks having teeth, and I wouldn't be overly worried about a bill breaking the skin. Perhaps a bruise?
Not open for further replies.

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