New Rig coming in the mail...

My old PC is getting a little rough around the edges (including a hard drive with the OS on it that is fragmented 42% and won't defrag further), so... I just ordered pieces to part up a new computer...

- 550w power supply and case
- eVGA Mainboard (680i SLI)
- 4GB RAM (PC-6400) - wtih two more slots open for another 4GB for the future
- MSI NVidia 8600GTS OC
- Intel E6600 Dual-Core CPU
- 2 Hard drives (Western Digital).. System drive: 160GB, backup: 500GB.

I have Microsoft Technet subscription, so will put on Vista, and dual boot with Abuntu Linux.

I know it's not a "Boss" system, but it fits my budget and is a lot better than what I currently have. Since all I do on my present computer is surf the Internet, email, torrent, and play DoD:S, I think it'll serve it's purpose.

Oh yeah.. Getting a 20" LCD monitor too (5ms).

Happy hunting to me !amazed


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wow thats impressive. if you want you can have it shipped to my address!


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send it to me not outbreak
hmm, I might have to agree with roguesniper on that one. 2 weeks after I upped my computer to a 8800gts, my Ultra 550 P.S. went south. Seeing that you are running a 8600, it shouldn't be that different. I know that the 7800 series were pretty power hungry, but I have a friend in Irvine that has a 7800, AND a 500 power supply. Its been working fine with him for more than a year. Soooo......I guess it just depends on what PS you buy. I recently bought a silverstone 750, and It seems to be working well. The fan is pretty quiet too (knock on wood)

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not a bad budget pc at all...i wouldn't reccomend getting vista's a toal system hog...i reccomend trying to get xp if u can...but it is your comp...either way...great budget system
Very nice rig,i've got 4 gigs of ram but i need 64bit Vista for my rig to notice all the lovely ram i've packed into my mobo.

As some people have said i would get something around 700+ watts if i was you.