darn nades

i dont know why but ive been having problems with my nades

sometimes ill go to prime one and ill toss one or both by accident, or ill prime one and itll prematurely be tossed without me letting go of it. sometimes ill prime a nade and it wont show the animation then ill let go of it and ill toss both somehow %-6

anyone else have this problem?
I have been having this issue also. I will start to prime my nade and all of a sudden I somehow toss both nades automatically. Very weird. I also have hade trouble priming lately. I have had a bunch blow up in my hand. Could be a choke/lag issue but not sure.
any of you swap video cards or do changes to the system? i never had this with my nvidia card but that card blew up (yeah it can happen apparently)
so i have my old radeon 7200 (64mb sd raw power ;-) )
im quite literally running it on minimum specs.. 800x600 etc.. objects like to disappear if im more then 5 feet away and players sometimes arent drawn in until the last second so it seems like they just appear out of thin air

pretty sucky ;-(
Lol publicEnemy#3, I've used that same picture for so many of my WW2/ WW1 projects (teachers can't tell a difference). I'm not raggin on you picture....Its just that I see it all the time! What a small world lol.

Anyway. To give you some confirmation, I too have nade problems. Most of the time, the nades go off prematurely. I also have problems picking up nades and throwing them back. I always seem to pick them up, but I have a 1/2 chance of actually throwing it back. Its not because it blows up before I get to throw it, its simply because the command never registers.