My first computer


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This was my very first computer back in the day. No playing DoD on this baby. It actually plugged into my 13 inch TV. What amazes me now is that it was really small compared to what we have now. I meen it was just a little bigger than the keyboards we have today.
Ya just sit back and drool kids.....
Lol! My teacher has that in his room. He calls it his museum piece!
haha i remember my first PC

it was a duron 1400. no cards or anything. infact no tower/case! i had it sittin on its side!
well im not sure if those pentium 2's i worked on count as my first computer :-\

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that beats my first comp
20 gb hdd
256 mb ram
and a whopping 16 mb vid card
2 usb 1.1s and 2 serial and a parallel port
and a cd rom

havent computers advanced a lot ?


that kinda looks like my computer now... =(


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dude...thats an awesome pc right there


I had a Pentium 2 200 Mhz with MMX and a 6GB HDD. It had a Diamond Viper AGP Graphics card...OH BABY!

That was like, over 10 years ago :x

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wow is atari like 13 years old my dad had an atari oh yeah i remeber that good times good times good with the famous pepsi bottles!!!
That thing predates me. I barely remember my first computer, for some reason I keep thinking it had 'Windows 94' on it, even though I can't find anything that proves the existence of 'Windows 94'. Back then I mostly used it to do funny things in word and I had a couple games for it.


where do i get it?