Just got Gmod


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i just got Garry's Mod and I've started messing around with it but I'm having some problems. I have problems moving the finer parts of the body such as the hands. Also one I place an object somewhere, I can't move it again. Any help? Here is my first creation, simple but cool (I think).
Edit: having problems uploading the pic...got it.

Fallen Comrad
i cant see the pic...anyways i find to grab the hands grab it with the phys guns on the top of the back of the hands... and to unfreeze something u have to click right where i origanal freezed it dont worry this takes a couple of trys of clicking randomly to get the right spot! heep at it and if u have any more questions let me know!!
i just right clicked to freeze it. but when i freeze the torso, and then click on the torso again, it does not move, i could run around the entire map and nothing happens.
yeah there is threee spots in the chest area, the chest, the stomach, and the torso. make sure you unfreeze the correct one