what kind of guitar does everyone play?

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i have 2 epiphones: a red les paul (my first) and a black les paul special edition (true it's an epiphone, but it still sounds nice).
10 years of classical 6 years bass 2 years electric

i have 2 Admira(Classic) 3 Bass(Yamaha RBX 375, Fender Jazz bass, and a crappy cort which is my first bass) 2 Electric(Ibanez something 7 string something that i don't remember the name right now it was my first electric, and a K7)
Epi goth Explorer w/ custom diamond plate pickguard and my pinstriping on the body
midnight wine Fender Mexican Strat

blue Fender P-bass Deluxe set up as a "poor mans" 5 string (4 strings from a 5 string set) and tuned to drop C
Fender Aerodyne Jazz bass


At the minute im playing a Fender Telecaster (one of the hollow f hole ones) think its Japaneese i like it a lot
I play an Austin "Era '62 Professional Deluxe" (Read: Telecaster clone).

She sounds pretty good. I can make her scream, or cry.

Or, more than likely, I can sound like I don't know how to play guitar!

Which is true, I'm pretty bad. I've had the thing for about... oh, 2 years almost, but I never play it! I really want to learn, but I lack time to go to lessons. :(
Heres what i got in tha house been playin since i was like 8 anyway i plane on getting a 2,500$$ sg with all the bling eventually :) CLASSIC ROCK AND BLUES FOR THA WORLD well if someone will tell me how ill post pics anyway shew i got a cherry special epiphone SG 300$ , a 2,500$$ 6string ovation hard body special celebirty editon built in eq/tuner,6string simon and patrick 700$,6 string Gibson classical 300$$$,12 String washburn acoustic 400$,finnally LOL a 4 string ibanez eletric bass like 300$ anyway :) Happy PLaying

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