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Ok guys, heres the deal. If anyone you know what Guildwars is or play it, i got hacked today. 2-3 years of work gone. I had 8 of the 9 character slots with people of the highest level (20), they are now naked.

Full black obsidian armor << about 1.2 million $ (estimated 200-300 players of 2 million have this armor)
Full black primeval armor << about $100,000
350,000 gold flat
all weps << 750,000 $
(All exotic) armor on all char and all items until naked << 2-3 million $
All Mini pets >>>Bone Dragon, Axxtxe, Roller Beatle, Panda << 600,000 $

Grand total stolen: About $5,500,000 and 962 hours of my life

And just to show the price amount, 20,000-35,000 in this game is more than 50% of the people who play have ever had.

So, this really sucks. It was by far my favorite game at the time and put alot of work into the account and now it's gone. Yay.
woah, how did it happen. i play this game so if its some one who tricked you or you got keylogged maybe you can suggest a way to avoid this. i'd hate to loose my stuff even though i havent played near as long as you.

sorry to hear that to, same thing has happened to me in other games, i know how you feel.
oh my god.. i play runescape until i got hacked...lost FULL AHRIMS, SANTA, WHIP, RUNE DEFENDER, FIRE CAPE AND MORE OH AND ABOUT 2 BILL SO YOUR NOT ALONE...we must hutn down and shovel the infamous hackers...
Dye there is bound to be a way to rectify this? I have several friends who work as Games Masters in World of Warcraft and from what they tell me EVERYTHING in this type of game is recorded, logged and saved.

Try contacting a games master or watever and im certain there will be some sort of way to get you sh1t back, hope is not lost!
Someone haxed one of my EverQuest accounts recently. The guy deleted all of my toons. 8 total. My main, had over 5 years in on her. Anyway, I contacted SoE and they were able to get all of my stuff and toons back.
So, maybe there is hope for you.
dude that really suks if only they had like a hack protecter i think gunz has that but ppl still hack. sry about that dye i hope u get ur stuff bak and ur loads of virtual money.
Ok i contacted them and i should be recieving an email soon :) my people in my guild are like freaking because im the guild leader of about 100 people or so. We are l33t
I used to play a mmorpg where I was level 70 or so...then I got hacked....by my friends.... they stole my best items, sold them and bought me junk and I was wearing a chef hat, a bone and stuff...

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