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Just figured out how to get my new sigature to show,,,,, but's it's way too big. Tried for 30 minutes to reduce it, no luck. Can someone reduce it for me or tell me how to do it. Remember I am computer stupid so keep it simple, thanks alot. %-6 , Thanks JMAN for the Sig. PS I also have a picture of me in my computer's "favorites" I want to use as my Avatar, is that possible ??? 8)
photoshop it
ill shrink it for you k

edit: k i got it down to 414x196 i cropped out some the field and sky not alot just so it was easy to shrink ill send it to you and if you want and tell me want you think

edit again...: i have uncropped shrunken version if you want that


Type (img) into your sig. Replace ( ) with [ ].
ok thx ... do u know how to contact him?


If you have Xfire his Xfire is voteforpedrocheeks