L@@K! Anyone?


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Hey, had to use a catchy little title.

Is there anyone selling decent graphics cards or motherboards?

Im looking for a 7900GTX, 7900GT any upper mid range card

And also, a Motherboard CPU combo, Perfeably Asus, with a AMD 4700+ X@ (or higher) or a core 2 duo somthing like that.


i would sell my 7900 gt (its a good card/gpu) but i dont know if its still good after PSU it looks fine but i have to wait til i get new one plus i dont think you'd like the price since its pretty new...
AMD i believe (not sure) goes 4400 , 4600, 4800 , 5000
go with a m2n sli deluxe mobo with a 5200 or 5400 cpu
ive made up my mind and and buying a 8800 GTS OC 640mb

after that i should have about 100 bucks left and il just save up until i can buy a motherboard processor combo, most likely a amd 5000+ X2