Super Smash Brothers Melee Players??? Anyone??

sadly i dont have my gamecube no more

but i have a WII!
and when Super Smash Brother Brawl comes out

IS ON!!!!!!!
captain falcon , roy , ness
will own you!!!!
all u guys are wrong....its either jigglypuff...(i looked at the name wehn i first played and i thought it was JIGGLYpuff if u catch my meaning...) so i platyed with her and she3s great btu then came young link ooooh yess young link...ill shoot a fire arrow through your heart...
I play SSMB, I am waiting for Brawl to come out. They said it's next year. Anyways, my preferred player is Link, but i am also good with Roy/MArth and Fox
On the original N64 version Fox,Pikachu,and ness are the best.

kirby came somewhat after them sadly =(

but i use Marth,Fox,and Sheik.Those are my fun characters are falco,and Doctor Mario X-D
It's all Donky Kong. At least in the first one. In the second he's not as good. Otherwise, Fox, Falco, and Samus are the best for me.