Super Smash Brothers Melee Players??? Anyone??

I'm looking for anyone that plays SSBM,Please Respond, PM me, or IM me over AIM at cash mooney69.thanks

Baron Rojo

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sadly i dont have my gamecube no more

but i have a WII!
and when Super Smash Brother Brawl comes out

IS ON!!!!!!!
captain falcon , roy , ness
will own you!!!!
all u guys are wrong....its either jigglypuff...(i looked at the name wehn i first played and i thought it was JIGGLYpuff if u catch my meaning...) so i platyed with her and she3s great btu then came young link ooooh yess young link...ill shoot a fire arrow through your heart...


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I play SSMB, I am waiting for Brawl to come out. They said it's next year. Anyways, my preferred player is Link, but i am also good with Roy/MArth and Fox
On the original N64 version Fox,Pikachu,and ness are the best.

kirby came somewhat after them sadly =(

but i use Marth,Fox,and Sheik.Those are my fun characters are falco,and Doctor Mario X-D

Baron Rojo

EGO Is My Life!
those are fighting words OUTBREAK!!!
So if we ever play i will use my best player


It's all Donky Kong. At least in the first one. In the second he's not as good. Otherwise, Fox, Falco, and Samus are the best for me.